Saturday, May 16, 2015

Positive Affirmations!!

Hello Lovelies!!
Today I wanted to share a Postcard that I created with the theme "Positive Affirmations" for one of my crafty friends, Kendra O. This swap takes place on Jenniebellie's Website, You can find it here:
This was the first swap I joined from this Website and the group of followers but luckily I did get partnered to Kendra, whom I have swapped with before on a different Art Group. I was really excited to create something that was so true and positive and so I choose the affirmation "Happiness is an Inside Job", to me that is something people should try to remember everyday! I want to remember everyday!
I wasn't sure what I was doing when I started making this postcard but I knew I wanted to write the Affirmation in my own handwriting, which I completed! Check out my video to see the outcome and the process I went through to get there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Black and Purple Pocket Letter!!

Hey there Lovelies!!
I was approached by a Crafty Friend who wanted to do a Private Pocket Letter Swap, I got really excited because that meant someone WANTED my art and it wasn't just a random swap partner! EEKKK!
So i found out her favorites and she liked Black, White and Deep Purple! I was immediately inspired and knew I wanted my background strickly Black and White with Purple accents! I went straight to work on it and put my heart into it! My Friend has received her Pocket Letter and she has expressed that she loved it, so now I will share it with all of you!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mail!!

Hey Lovelies!!

I have received some Happy Mail that I shared on my YouTube Channel, if you dont know what Happy Mail is, it is mail that we receive from other people, usually containing works of art created by the other person, a few scraps of pretty papers for us to use in our own creations or anything artsy/craftsy! Alot of crafters decorate the outsides of the envelopes/packages and in turn we are all geniuinely Happy to receive this mail! The Happy Mail I show in my video is from some Swaps I have joined over the last few weeks and these were the pieces that people created for me.

I love doing these swaps, they are alot of fun, they inspire me to create and I enjoy creating things for other people that I know truly appreciate the love that goes in to creating the pieces and they appreciate the Art, the colors, textures, etc. Swaps are posted in the Facebook groups and you can decide to join or not. They always have wonderful themes and ideas of awesome things to create, I like joining swaps where the theme or style is out of my comfort zone, it pushes me to extend my creativity and see what all I can make with my hands and my imagination. There are a ton of Facebook groups that do Art Swaps and im sure if you decide to join in a swap you will have lots of fun.

I will now post a link to my YouTube video where I show off the Beautiful Creations that were sent to me.

Art Journal Page -Oddball Art Co. Image

Hey There Lovelies!!

So I am playing catch up today and wanted to share with you an Art Journal Page I created using an image from OddballArtco. designer is Lizzy Love. I absolutely love all of Lizzy's work, she is so talented and her images are so darn cute!!

I purchased the image from Lizzy's Etsy Shop (

I will post a couple of Pictures and the Link to the video below!

Link to my YouTube Process video!! Please Enjoy!!

Pink and Gold Pocket Letter!!

Hey There Lovelies!!
Sooooo....its been awhile! I have been uploading more videos to my YouTube Channel and I thought I would share today a video I uploaded a few days ago.
I was scrolling through my NewsFeed when I saw one of my Crafty Lady Friends post about wanting to do a Pocket Letter Swap with her and her 8 year old daughter. I really wanted to swap with this woman and I thought to myself that my 7 year old daughter would have alot of fun as well. So I replied and we set up our swap.
We discussed our colors and the colors and things our daughters loved and then we all began creating. My daughter and I received ours first, I had already finished making mine but my daughter did struggle just a bit since it was her first Pocket Letter. After we received ours though, my daughter gained inspiration to be able to complete hers so we could send them off.
The swaps are complete and I thought I would share with you the Pocket Letter that I created for my friend. Our colors were Mint Green, Pink and Gold, after starting my Pocket Letter I realized I didn't have any Mint Green colors so I switched to Teal but I knew my friend would still enjoy it! So without any further ado I present to you my Pocket Letter!

I loved the way it turned out and I really hope my Crafty Friend loves it too! Down below I am adding a link to my YouTube video where I show the steps I took to create this Page!