Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pink and Gold Pocket Letter!!

Hey There Lovelies!!
Sooooo....its been awhile! I have been uploading more videos to my YouTube Channel and I thought I would share today a video I uploaded a few days ago.
I was scrolling through my NewsFeed when I saw one of my Crafty Lady Friends post about wanting to do a Pocket Letter Swap with her and her 8 year old daughter. I really wanted to swap with this woman and I thought to myself that my 7 year old daughter would have alot of fun as well. So I replied and we set up our swap.
We discussed our colors and the colors and things our daughters loved and then we all began creating. My daughter and I received ours first, I had already finished making mine but my daughter did struggle just a bit since it was her first Pocket Letter. After we received ours though, my daughter gained inspiration to be able to complete hers so we could send them off.
The swaps are complete and I thought I would share with you the Pocket Letter that I created for my friend. Our colors were Mint Green, Pink and Gold, after starting my Pocket Letter I realized I didn't have any Mint Green colors so I switched to Teal but I knew my friend would still enjoy it! So without any further ado I present to you my Pocket Letter!

I loved the way it turned out and I really hope my Crafty Friend loves it too! Down below I am adding a link to my YouTube video where I show the steps I took to create this Page!

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