Monday, September 14, 2015

Guess What??
I am one of the newest member of the Design Team for 
Oddball Art Co.

For my first project I chose to use Image No. 216 Richelle!! I loved the image and the sentiments that
were included with her!!
I decided to Alter a 5" X 7" Canvas focusing on the Big Eyed Beauty!

The steps I took to create this Beautiful Project was:

First I Printed off the Image from OddballArtCo. on Etsy,
 then I used an Exacto Knife to cut out this Gorgeous detailed image!

Second I used my Zig Markers to color in my image. I wanted to achieve the look of Watercolor or the look that people are able to get when they are using Copic Markers. I do not currently own Copic Markers so the steps I take to achieve that look are:

I use the Zig Marker that has the tips for "Writer" the smaller tip, I outline the outer part of the image I am wanting to color along with any lines that are distinguishing the image, so first I used the Brown to outline her hair and all the details inside to showcase the strands, then using a Clear Stamping Block I take the marker with the "Brush and Scroll" tips and using the Brush tip I scribble a little ink onto the Stamping Block, add a small amount of water and then using a small tip Paint Brush I dip my brush into the water and the ink and then I paint in the image of her hair. It has created a Beautiful look! This technique is my favorite way to color images. I used the Teal colored marker to fill in her eyes! I used my one and only Copic Marker which is the E21 Baby Skin Pink to color her skin!

I used the same technique to finish coloring in my image, using the colors Pink and Yellow!
Including one of the sentiments that came with the image that reads:
"dear self today i feel Beautiful"

The Third Step I took was to paint a 5" X 7" pre-gessoed canvas using the color "Pink Eraser" by Apple Barrel!

I then used a Stencil from the Tim Holtz Collection called "Rays"-THS003 and the paint color "Bright Yellow" by Apple Barrel and a Stippling Brush to add some color and texture to the background.

I wanted even more texture on the background so I used another stencil from the Tim Holtz Collection and some High Density Modeling Paste from Studio Acrylics and applied the paste with a palette knife!

After I added the paste I decided I wanted to change the color of the Modeling Paste, I wish I had come to this decision before I applied the paste (it would have saved me some time) if I had just added the paint to the Modeling Paste before adding it to the Canvas, but I didn't so my next step was to take the color "Turquoise" from Apple Barrel and fine tip paintbrush to color in all the "dots" I had created with the paste!

After my background was complete and dry I added my image with pieces of Foam to have the image pop away from the page, focusing on Richelle and the Sentiment!

I then took some White Flowers I had that came from a Lei I had purchased at Dollar Tree and using the "Turquoise and Bright Yellow Paint" that I had used on the background I painted the flowers so they would match. I painted Four of them so I could stack them onto one another creating a Beautiful Flower Piece in the top corner of the canvas!

I wanted to have a center for my flower so I took a Pink Resin Heart I had in my stash and used the "Pink Eraser" paint that I had used on my background and painted the Heart to match my canvas as well!

I added the Flowers and the Heart to complete my Canvas!!

I am so very Happy and Excited to be a part of the Oddball Art  Co. Design Team and I hope you will check back with me often to see the projects I produce using the Beautiful Images that are created by Lizzy Love! 
If you use the code DTLOLA10 at checkout you will receive 10% off of your purchase at OddballArtCo.

I hope you will stop by my YouTube Channel as well to see this process on Video, as well as other projects I have completed in the past!

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